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Happy Labor Day! Wait... What is Labor Day?

Enriched with history, and forgotten facts to some, Labor Day has contemporarily become an American Holiday for many to have an extra day from work to spend with family, traveling or shopping. Although for some, Labor Day is a day to work even longer shifts for all of the deals that are going on for others.

Originally, Labor Day was proposed by two men who were involved in unions as a way to pay tribute to union workers and other workers. Peter J. McGuire and Matthew Maguire proposed the holiday in the late 19th century. A few years after the proposal the Haymarket Riot in Chicago occurred adding a graver feel to the holiday of honoring workers. On May 4, 1886 in Haymarket Square, Chicago a riot broke out due to a labor strike where police had shot some protestors. Chaos followed as a riot stemmed from the event with a bomb exploding in the public forum.

Grover Cleveland, as the 24th President, declared Labor Day an official American Federal holiday in reverence of the Haymarket event and of all laborers. To add to that and give you a little bit of history trivia ammo- Cleveland was the only president to serve two terms which were not consecutive, and he was also the first democrat elected to Presidency after the Civil War.

Happy Labor Day and a huge thank you to all of the workers from all of us at Mills Roofing of Fredericksburg!

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