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What's New?

Mills Roofing, LLC has done all kinds of new and exciting things recently to up our advertising and to help reach the younger generation! As you could say, we're keeping up with the Jones' !

One of the things we've started doing is a weekly podcast where our Co-Owner Michael discusses all kinds of things from roofing to just some simple small business tips. You can listen to our podcast every Monday via Facebook or directly through our website.

Another awesome thing we've done is advertising through a local radio station. So, while you're out and about driving through town be sure to tune into 103.1 WJMA Today's Country to hear Mills Roofing's name!

We also now have our very own, personalized jingle! Mills Roofing was able to get together with an awesome group of people to come up with the perfect Jingle for our company! If you haven't had a chance to listen to the full jingle yet head over to our websites home page and scroll down to where you see our Jingle Player!

And last but not least, Mills Roofing is adding a new member to its team! We now have a mascot! "Johnny on the Spot" is our very own, customized mascot! Johnny is the perfect mascot for Mills Roofing and is a likeness of founder John Mills Sr. John Mills Sr founded Mills Roofing, LLC in 1976 and is now run by his two son's Kenny and Melvin and two grandson's Michael and Caleb. Most everyone that knew John called him Johnny or Johnny Cake and said he was one of the nicest people they'd ever met. John sure didn't know a stranger, everywhere he went he knew at least one person!

So, over the next few days be sure to keep an eye out for Johnny, he'll be making several apperances throughout the rest of this week before he's officially introduced!

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