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What is a virtual consultation?

So, as you've seen on Facebook and our website we are now offer FREE Virtual Consultations!

Wondering what these are and how they work?

It's super simple! If you're needing/looking to have your full roof replaced we can do a virtual examination of your roof using a program called Eagle View.

Eagle View is a program that uses a drone to do drone-based roof inspections to quickly visualize roof damage. The drone captures detailed, high-resolution images of the entire structure, which generate automated damage reports and measurements for fast and accurate replacement estimates!

Once we get your measurements and damage report we can write up a detailed estimate for you explaining exactly what the drone footage captured and what the price of your roof replacement will be.

How can you schedule a free virtual consultation and how does it work?

Step 1- Head over to our website and fill out the contact form on our home page.

Step 2- We have Eagle View get the measurements.

Step 3- We write up your estimate.

Step 4- We email/call you to set up a time to either do a phone call, zoom call or FaceTime with you to discuss the details. Or if you'd rather we can do this part in person.

Step 5- We come replace your roof! ;)

It's super easy! No need for you to take time out of your busy schedule to make sure you can be home to meet with someone when they come out to take a look at your roof. It's all done virtually, efficiently and safely!

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