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5 Fun Fredericksburg Activities to Finish the Summer

At least once in our lifetime of living in Fredericksburg the sentence, “There is literally nothing to do in Fredericksburg!” has come out of our mouths. While this may ring true most days of the year, the summer brings a surplus of activities for residents of the city and surrounding areas to enjoy. Summer is coming to an end, especially with school having already started. Here is a list of the top 5 fun things to do in Fredericksburg to finish up your summer and make it great!

1. Tubing on the Rappahannock

Relax and float for awhile on one of our nation’s most beautiful rivers. Enjoy the views of downtown as you dip your toes in the water to cool off from the warm inviting sun. There are quite a few places to tube without rapids impeding your relaxing route.

2. Alum Springs

Located near downtown Fredericksburg, this one is an adventure for everybody. Hiking, running or biking on the trails that trek through the park. Explore the beautiful creek, and a bonus if you discover the waterfall tucked away at the beginning of the park. Go for a picnic and let the kids play on the nearby playground.

3. Lake Anna

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard from people how disappointed they were that they couldn’t make it to the beach this summer. Well, here’s some exciting news for you… Lake Anna has a beautiful and quaint beach located at the Lake Anna state park. There are even playgrounds nearby for the kids to dry off at after swimming. For the avid runner and biker there are trails throughout the Virginia state park.

4. Battlefields

Now hold on a second before you go exclaiming battlefields are boring and let me ask you a question. Do you know where the slogan ‘Virginia is for lovers’ is derived from? When somebody from another state asked me this question a few years ago I was actually stumped and had no answer. Being the lover of Virginia I am, I went back and researched it. Turns out it came from the fact that Virginia has so much to offer to people. There were many different slogans circulating; among them Virginia is for history lovers. Virginia, especially Fredericksburg, is filled with history from the beginnings of America. You can go explore the battlefields and read the signs or run and bike these crossroads of the civil war if you prefer a faster pace.

5. Trolley Tours

Many say that you have never really seen the wonderful city of Fredericksburg, if you haven’t taken the trolley tour. On this tour you get to visit the past of the city and learn about its rich history. During this 75 minute tour you will learn about the shops and restaurants- many of which operate in buildings that are hundreds of years old.


6. Children’s Museum of Richmond (Located in Fredericksburg)

For those of you with kids, some of the above activities are suitable, but here is a fun one just for the kids. It allows them to play and learn at the same time!

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