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Wondering what 2023’s trending exterior colors are?

Some people are going bold with their exterior colors this year, while others are going more traditional and sticking to soft neutrals.

Here are a list of the top trending colors for 2023!

Linen/Beige/Tan/Cream/Off White-

Going for a more classic look with a strong neutral tone, such as beige, can transform your home’s exterior into something sharp and exciting.

When working with this trending exterior house color, the most impactful applications are those that feature bold, contrasting colors used as visual outlining. Such as, a burgundy or even navy blue door. With shutters to match!

For example, frame rich beige siding with crisp white soffit, gutters and corner strips. The roof is another great area that can be used to offset beige siding, too. You can choose to do a roof with rich shades of brown. Or even a nice green shade.


If you prefer the look of earthy tones and natural aesthetics, green can be an excellent choice for your 2023 exterior remodeling project.

One of the top in popularity this year, green works very well when partnered with dark gray and cream colors. Unlike beige, pure white isn’t the best choice to pair with this unique hue, so opt for muted variations.

Darker roofs such as black or even grey tones look better with green siding too.


Red was popular back a few years ago and is making a major comeback in 2023.

Like some of the other colors that demonstrate elevated visual strength, red is best managed when capped by crisp white detailing along window panes, corner panels, eaves, and porch railing.

As somewhat of a wild card, when you find the perfect tone to complement red paneling, the result is beautiful and leaves an impression on viewers.

Red is also paired best with a darker colored roof.


If you’re more of a traditional farmhouse style kinda person than white siding might just be the color for you!

White gives your home a nice, clean, crisp look!

And pairs good with bolder color doors and shutters! Or you could of course stick to the traditional white siding, black shutters, roof and doors!


Another great choice for exterior upgrades this year is bright clay colored siding. When presented side-by-side with warmer brown colors, brown transforms from a bright, childish color to a more mature, sophisticated palette.

The key here is to strike the right balance with this color. Tone down this color by using it in combination with warmer hues.

Turquoise & White combo-

Yes! You heard that right! Turquoise is one of the new popular colors this year! People are pairing it with white siding, dark navy shutters and door.

Faux Wood Siding-

Wood-style siding seems to always have a place in the housing market, from cabins to mid-century modern styles, to upscale mixed-material designs. When done right, a wood-look exterior can be the best siding to increase home value!

Color Combos-

One of the more unexpected trending exterior house colors of 2023 consists of a two-toned combo.

Earth tones, such as green and brown, are gaining in popularity this season.

How do you pull off the earth tones combo successfully?

A lot of trial and error may be involved, but a good place to start is by segmenting the exterior into geometric sections that appear balanced.

If your home has a vertical feature, all the better, as this can help pull the look together and provide visual harmony between the two-toned appearance.

So there you have it! Those are 8 of the most popular siding/exterior colors this year!

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