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What to expect when hiring Mills Roofing!

It's always important to know what to expect when you hire someone, especially if you're hiring them for any type of home improvement need.

Mills Roofing, LLC is a licensed and insured company that has been serving Fredericksburg, VA and it's surrounding areas since 1976. We are well. known in the community for our quality workmanship and efficiency. If your roof replacement is eligible for an insurance claim we can work with you and your insurance company. We use the best of the best materials to ensure a long lasting product.

Mills Roofing, LLC of Fredericksburg, VA wants to ensure that every single one of our customers has a good experience with us, as we always say "When you're with Mills Roofing, you're family!" This is something we take very seriously.

So, to help you know exactly what to expect when you hire us here's a quick run down of how we work!

Each of our customers from now on will receive an email once they've signed a contract. This email will contain some information on what to expect once the contract has been signed and we're ready to start your home improvement project!

As soon as all of your material is in, weather is good and everything is a go, our secretary Betty will contact you with your start date.

Your expected install start date will be XXXXX (weather dependent, if any type of precipitation is in the forecast we will reschedule due to safety reasons for both our crew and your home)

Preparation for the crew’s arrival

  • Make sure to have all vehicles clear of the driveway and work areas so we can position dump trailers and work vehicles appropriately

  • Move all patio furniture and breakable garden/yard accessories away from the house (our crew will cover all shrubs and bushes)

  • Ensure that grass is cut at an appropriate height as this allows the trash clean-up and nail magnets to run more efficiently

  • If you have a satellite dish on roof you may need to contact your service provider once install is complete to calibrate dish

When our crew arrives

  • Typically the crew arrives between 7:00-7:30 am

  • Our foreman will knock on the door when crew arrives to inform you of job start

  • Our foreman takes pictures of entire exterior to note current condition of property including any damaged areas or areas of concern prior to starting job

  • Our crew removes existing roofing materials first so there will be trash and debris on the ground throughout the day, try to avoid traffic in and out of the house

  • As roofing install is completed all trash and debris is cleaned and disposed of, magnets are run around job site in order to extract nails from roof work done by crew

Once Project is complete job foreman will notify you that work is completed, and if there were any issues, concerns or additional work that needed to be done. You will receive a completed job checklist along with an invoice. We do send out a survey and a link for a google review, this helps support us as a local business and allows us to have feedback in order to continue ensuring that we are exceeding customer expectations. Payment is required within 10 days of job completion unless previously discussed and agreed upon.

It's pretty simple! We try to make things as easy as possible! If you have any questions about your install feel free to give us a call and either Betty, or owners Kenny, Melvin, Michael or Caleb will answer them for you. Remember when you're with Mills Roofing, you're family!

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1 commentaire

Trent Dominy
Trent Dominy
04 avr. 2023

Very satisfied with their work, highly recommend their service.


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