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Supporting Small Businesses Without Spending

Small businesses contribute so much to communities via giving back and the services they provide to customers. Local economies are essentially driven by small mom and pop shops- from delicious bakeries to boutiques to construction companies. Many jobs are provided to individuals by small businesses.

While small businesses are not always able to give billions of dollars in aid to those of the community, they give back in just as powerful of ways. A few months ago in Lynchburg, VA terrible tornadoes touched down all through the area causing a devastating impact to those of the Lynchburg and surrounding communities. Some of the first responders to this travesty that occurred were small businesses who provided food and other resources.

Other ways that companies give back to the community is through charity work. Companies, such as Mills Roofing use their abilities to serve others. Mills Roofing members have gone and continue to go on missions trips in and out of country. We’ve  worked on projects to complete roofs or other construction projects for organizations in need who are unable to afford the service.

Why not give back to the small businesses who have given so much to our communities? Sure, we are not always able to go and purchase products or services from these companies but we are able to increase their visibility on social media to other community members.

Supporting small businesses without spending a dime can be done in four different and easy ways!

  1. Comment on their posts regularly… even if that means just commenting an emoji.

This will show engagement to Social Media sites increasing the number of people who will see the post. Commenting also allows for you to get to better know the small business and vice versa!

2. Share their posts…

So that your friends can see! Community is king on social media after all.

3. Like their posts OR even better you can react to posts with a love or wow reaction.

Let the businesses know that you enjoy their content while boosting their popularity on Facebook. Engaging in posts by reacting or commenting shows Facebook and other Social Media sites that the community can interact on these posts.

4. Tag your friends!

Ah yes, the pinnacle of community and the most direct way to help out a small business by increasing their visibility. You love the business so let your friends see and love them too!

Facebook and other social media sites have changed their algorithms making it increasingly difficult for small businesses to engage with the community or be seen by users unless they pay for ads. The only other way is if users engage and interact on posts in the ways discussed above.

What are some of your favorite small businesses that you can now support more without spending a dime?

Mills Roofing, LLC

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