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So You Think You Need A New Roof?

So You Think You Need a New Roof: Episode 1

On today’s special episode of So You Think You Need a New Roof we are going to review a few simple tell tale signs that indicate as a home owner that you may need a new roof. Roofs are pretty much the best friends that never leave you and you can always rely on, they are the dancing partner with the best moves to help you win the competition but they can also be complicated, kind of like that guy that you can’t tell if his weird hairdo is a funky toupee or… just a weird hairdo. Is your roof good to go for another new years or… does it need to be replaced?

Let’s hit the dance floor to review a few routine ways to tell if you need a new roof or not!

  1. Granule Loss

First of all, for those of us like me who, initially, have no idea what granules are- they are the little gravel pebbles embedded in the shingles by using tar. Weather along with aging will naturally wear down the granules of shingles over time. Storms will cause a runoff and deposit of granules in gutters. Overall loss of pattern can be seen from the ground and up close simultaneously indicating granule loss and the potential need for a new roof.

2.Shingles Starting to Curl

Wait, why on earth are my shingles curling?! You probably already have the notion that curling shingles probably are not the most ideal for your roof but you are also curious as to how the curling of shingles can even happen. Allow me to explain. Inadequate ventilation can cause an excess amount of heat and moisture to become trapped in your attic. This extra heat on the bottom portion of your shingles will cause them to curl. Occasionally, a few new shingles will be placed on a roof over top of old shingles. Due to the fact that the new shingles will not always seal properly and align with the pattern of the old shingles, curling may result. Although, in other case curling may just be the result of shingles reaching the end of their lifespan.

3.Missing Tabs

Have you ever cut your finger just enough to where you wouldn’t think anything of it until you are trying to pick something up and can’t or it is extremely painful to wash your hair? A missing tab or shingle is very similar to that. Typically, you wouldn’t think anything of it… until it starts leaking, causing even more damage. Windstorms, hail and thunderstorms are usually the culprit for missing tabs on roofs. And with most things in life, it is better to be proactive in replacing missing shingles, so that even more damage to your home does not occur.

Thanks for joining us and staying tuned for this summer special of So You Think You Need A New Roof starring; Mills Roofing, LLC! Make sure to like and follow us on Facebook for more tips about your roof.

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