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Save on Homeowners Insurance by Upgrading Your Roof

Everyone hates paying high premiums on their homeowners insurance. Plus, insurance costs go up almost yearly. What if there was a way to receive a discount on your homeowners insurance? Well, fortunately I have good news!

Atlas Roofing makes a class 4 impact shingle called a Lifetime Stormmaster architectural shingle. Class 4 rating means that it is tested to withstand up to a 2 inch size hailstone. The way Atlas accomplishes this is by modifying the asphalt material that the shingles are built with. Atlas uses a rubberized material called SBS (Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene) which makes the shingle more pliable and resistant to Impact. Because of this most insurances offer a discount on your homeowners policy when you have these shingles installed on your roof.

Not only do these shingles save you money on your insurance they also provide other benefits. Due to the modified asphalt the shingle life expectancy will be longer than a normal lifetime architectural shingle. This is because they will not lose granules at as fast of a rate making the shingle vulnerable to sun-rot. Also, the shingles will not become brittle as soon as a normal asphalt shingle will, which will prevent them from cracking.

Right now the Stormmaster shake is the most beneficial shingle option on the market. If you will like to find out further information on these shingles you can click on this link.

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