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Roof Warranties: What to Look For & What's The Difference

Integrity is an integral and essential facet to any business or job that one does. Unfortunately, not every person upholds the virtue of integrity and serving others well. Recently, we received a call from a client who needed a roof repair. Here is the catch- the roof was done just over a year, but the roofing contractor who originally did it refused to fix the roof due to the contingency that the warranty was only a year and the year had passed.

Different warranties provide different things, so it is always important to review what your warranty truly offers to you.

Manufacturer Vs. Workmanship warranty

A manufacturer’s warranty covers any defects in the shingles or products that may occur. This portion of the warranty is covered by the manufacturer and does NOT cover any problem caused by improper installation or workmanship issues. For the manufacturer warranty to be valid if a defect in the product does occur, the contractor must install the products in accordance with the manufacturer specifications for that product. Otherwise, the manufacturer’s warranty will be void.

If a mistake is made or something in accordance with the installation is done improperly, the workmanship warranty means that the contractor will come back out to replace or repair the mistake. When looking for a roofing contractor make sure to look up references and reviews. This will allow you to determine if the roofer is reliable. What we mean by this is that it is not uncommon for roofers to not honor or uphold workmanship contracts. Occasionally, roofers called storm chasers will come through after storms and then leave never to be heard from again or honor that workmanship contract they gave you. Make sure you check for companies that have an established reputation in the area.

Mills Roofing Warranty

Mills Roofing provides a 10-year workmanship warranty because we believe in what we do and want to do it well. If something is done incorrectly or there is an error, we want to go back and fix it. Fixing it speaks to our integrity which has helped us to develop quality as our legacy.

If you are looking for a company who does the job right and upholds the value of integrity to fix any mistakes made, call Mills Roofing of Fredericksburg. We have an established reputation of over 40 years with quality being our legacy.

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