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Our Founding Father

As many of you know and have seen over the past couple of weeks Mills Roofing now has a mascot! Our mascot is a likeness of our father/grandfather John Mills Sr.

John Mills Sr started Mills Roofing in 1976. John Mills Sr. was the middle child of 7 (he had 6 siblings), he grew up in a poor family and had to work hard from a young age to help support his family. Eventually he decided to take his skills and work for himself in order to ensure a better future for his wife and children. He tells the story often of how he started Mills Roofing with a hatchet, a tool belt, a station wagon, and a section of a ladder with missing rungs that he found in downtown Fredericksburg, VA. Him and his wife Bertie built the company from the ground up. She would answer the phone calls and do all the scheduling while he worked on the roofs. They were the perfect team! Through hard work and dedication he was able to form a successful business that he passed on to his children and now to his grandchildren as well.

Throughout the laborious hours of work that it took to build a successful business he was still able to father his 5 children and provide for them even with such a small beginning. Most importantly he taught them ethics and respect! The success of his children and his grandchildren are largely credited to his sacrificial labor of love that he underwent to build a business that could be left as an inheritance to his children and grandchildren. John Mills Sr. was truly a wise father as Proverbs states “a good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children” Not only has he left a business as an inheritance he left an inheritance of family love and commitment. John Sr never turned down an opportunity to spend with his children, grandchildren and great-children.

John Mills Sr. had a vision in 1976 to establish Mills Roofing as a common household name, one that people would talk about with respect. Today his skills, talents and knowledge have been passed down through the generations. A vision that always sets the best and leading-edge example in the industry of providing quality work while maintaining honesty and integrity that promotes customer satisfaction.

Likewise, in true Mills tradition, Kenny and Melvin along with Michael and Caleb, have continued to set their goals to provide quality workmanship to those they serve in the NoVA, Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, Ladysmith, Culpeper and many other areas in Central VA, Paying attention to detail on every project, ensuring to produce beautiful work through their joined expertise and drive for perfection.

Our mascot truly represents who our company is as a whole and we think it's the perfect way to honor John Sr.

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