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New New New!

Here at Mills Roofing we use the best of the best products!

Among those products are Atlas Shingles!

Atlas Shingles are smart, beautiful, durable...

Pinnacle® Pristine architectural shingles offer a wide variety of beautiful color options to complement your home's exterior. Together, with the power of Scotchgard™ Protector and a warranty that covers damage from winds up to 130 mph, your Pinnacle® Pristine roof will stay beautiful and provide you superior performance for many years to come!

Altas also has America's #1 Rated Shingle by IBHS

StormMaster® Shake architectural shingles featuring Scotchgard™ Protector are available in a variety of vivid colors that will complement any home's exterior. In addition, your StormMaster Shake roof has a warranty covering damage from winds up to 150 mph. Why choose between beautiful, lasting color and exceptional protection when you can have both?

Check out their new available colors!

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