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Meet the Co-Owner

Words cannot even begin to be put into place to describe the phenomenal man and co-owner of Fredericksburg based company Mills Roofing, Kenny Mills. For me, being his daughter has been a gift that I can never be thankful enough for. Over the years I have watched this man sacrifice so much to build the legacy of Mills Roofing all while still being involved in serving the community and never negating his wife and children with an abundance of love. A simple man with a simple understanding and perspective of the complexity of life. He has nursed me through my first heartbreak, stood by side as I stood at the top of mountains (literally and figuratively) and held my hand through tragedies of life that no family ever deserves to face.

Kenny exploring America

Despite all the trials that life has taken Kenny through, he is one of the most generous and loving men that one could ever meet with a keen sense for fun and adventure (probably where I get it from). In his spare time, Kenny, loves to play basketball and shoot 3’s like it’s nobody’s business, explore America, hang out with his daughters and granddaughter (soon to be two granddaughters!!!), and has recently picked up the hobby of cycling.

Kenny & his family

If you are looking for the cream of the crop, it is safe to say you have found it with my dad. My only hope is that I can be as great of a person as him. My father is patient and kind and has a work ethic like none other that I have ever seen. Due to the work ethic that my dad has he has been able to establish quality as the legacy of Mills Roofing and build the business into what it is today with the help of his brother and nephew.

No matter how much I write it will never do justice for how great of man my father is, so I hope that this blog post gives you a glimpse and decent perspective into the incredible character and man that composes co-owner Kenny Mills.

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