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Leaks...Small Problem or Big Problem?

Oh No! My Roof is Leaking!

Okay having a leak in your roof is scary because there is the potential for needing a whole new roof! Stay calm though, leaks are not always major and can sometimes just require a repair.

Keep in my mind, leaks can cause extensive damage to homes, especially when not promptly dealt with.

Multiple leaks can call for a new roof replacement. This is due to the fact that water can and will seep under your shingles and cause your roof to rot. Once this occurs to a roof there is basically no other option but to get your roof replaced. While roof replacements may seem expensive, it is worth it to get the new roof rather than to put it off. Putting it off can cause more damages and be costlier to the homeowner in the long run.

Typically, having a leak repaired as soon as it is noticed can prevent more damage from occurring and save you from having to get a completely new roof.

What is the best way to tell if you need a repair or replacement? Call a professional to check it out. After all, they have been dealing with this and will be able to let you know if there is more damage under the shingles than one can notice from the ground.

Have a leak in your roof? Call Mills Roofing of Fredericksburg today for your FREE roof replacement estimate!

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