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Hurricanes and Homes

In lieu of recent events this blog post is going to explain how hurricanes can cause damages to roofs and what those damages may look like on your roof.

Hurricanes are tremendous forces of nature that can cause little to severe damage depending on the extent and type of hurricane. The two primary causes of damage that stem from a hurricane are wind and water. Intense winds that can reach over 60 mph can blow off shingles on your roof or damage them. If you have wooden shingles, they may even splinter due to winds. Structures on or attached to your roof, such as satellite dishes or gutters, may be blown off and displaced by the powerful winds of hurricanes. Another factor that must be acknowledged is that of other displaced items blown away by the winds. Tree limbs can be blown or trees fall onto the roof causing significant damage.

Roofs are susceptible to water damage year-round, but hurricanes may increase the chances of water damage to your roof occurring. Shingles of all varieties can be worn down by the rain. Granules from asphalt shingles can be drowned by the rain and worn down. Tile and asphalt shingles are designed to shed the water and prevent leaks, although wind may play a factor in blowing these shingles off and enabling leaks.

All of this being said, be sure to check up on your roof after hurricanes and large storms. Check for leaks and damage that could lead to more damage.If you need any help spotting issues or replacing roofs, give us a call. Let us know about any specific questions you may have in the comments!

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