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How to Take Care of Your Gutters

Gutters are essential for the structural health of any home and roof. Being the main driving force of the drainage system for the roof, gutters extend the life of roofs when they effectively drain water. In order to be effective, gutters must be properly maintained and cleaned.

As a homeowner, you will want to regularly inspect your gutters and downspouts for any clogging or damages that may need attention. Regularly cleaning your gutters by removing any leaf litter or debris that may be in them will help them to remain effective in draining water and preventing water damage to your roof. Make sure to also de-clog your downspouts- you don’t want anything getting stuck in the downspouts and preventing the proper drainage of water from the gutters.

In addition to inspecting your gutters regularly you will want to repair any damages you may find in the gutters. Be sure to repair small holes and patch leaks and tears. Want to be proactive in taking care of your gutters and downspouts? If you do want to take the next step in having an amazing drainage system to protect your roof, you can install gutter guards. Gutter guards are thin aluminum screens that prevent leaves and debris from getting into your gutters and clogging occurring in your downspouts.

Want a professional to take a look at your roof, install gutters, or help you with a repair? Then call us at Mills Roofing of Fredericksburg, because with us you are family too!

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