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Hire the Cheaper Roofer BUT...

Life. It is a crazy thing that takes each and every single individual on wildly unpredictable twists and turns. On occasion, those twists and turns are inclusive of something devastating happening to your roof. Hurricanes can seemingly blow in and blow off shingles, tornadoes can take off entire roofs, or time itself can do the deed of wearing down a roof to the point of needing a replacement.

When do these random variables always seem to occur? Right when we do not have the financial means to deal with a costly new roof. Estimates trickle in for the replacement of a roof, because we cannot simply live in a house without a roof (nobody wants to sleep with water dripping down on them). By default, we would, of course, choose the cheapest roofing contractor possible. After all, it’s just like stopping to get gas, right?

No, not at all. Some roofing contractors will give a much lower price, because they will often times deliver a much lower quality roof. Most of the time these cheaper roofs need to be repaired or replaced considerably sooner, as in after a couple of months or even a couple of years of being done.

In a few short years, being generous, another new roof will be needed. Due to the fact that a majority of the time, roofs that are done poorly cannot be easily repaired, these roofs must be torn off and redone completely. Ultimately, this gratuitous process translates to costs for more labor, more material and can include costs of other damages that may have occurred.

Hire the cheaper roofer, if you must, BUT be aware that it will be more costly in the long run.

Call Mills Roofing of Fredericksburg today for your FREE roof replacement estimate!

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