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Happy Mother’s Day!

In the next few blogs we’re going to introduce different members of our company but in honor of Mother’s Day we’d like to introduce the wonderful lady who supported the dream along side John Mills Sr. from the beginning

Bertha Mills is one of the strongest women with a fierce love for her husband and family. She and John started with very little in material possessions and for many years had to make the best out of what little they had. She worked hard to raise her family with faith and integrity and to instill thankfulness for what God had blessed us with. I remember the little things she would do to make dinner time more exciting by making something as simple as pudding but putting it in these ‘special’ plastic cups for us kids. As we got older the business grew and we were able to have more of those material things we enjoyed but she still helped us and our children to find pleasure in those little things. Little packs of gum or candy brought to the grandchildren or making them pancakes shaped as hearts, smiley faces or the first letter of their name. Even now with her great grandchildren she does those little things to make them feel special.

The older I’ve become the more I appreciate the moments with my mom and the impact she’s had on my life.

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