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General Maintenance for Your Roof

Updated: Aug 31, 2018

On a daily basis a myriad of elements are impacting your roof, such as wind UV radiation, hail, snow, rain and on and on the list goes. How can you as a home owner protect your roof and take steps towards general maintenance for your roof? We will take you a through a few basic steps and preemptive measures of how to protect and maintain your roof to help get the longest lifetime for it.

1. Inspections

Here is your opportunity to pretend to be a detective like Sherlock Holmes! Sleuth around and inspect your attic and interior roof for stains that could indicate leaking or other issues with the roof. Make sure to also check the outside portion of your roof for missing tabs, algae streaks or other damages.

In some cases, you made need a professional roofer to come out and do a repair for you (hey that’s what Mills Roofing is here for). In other cases, you may be able to do a quick cleaning yourself!

2. A Clean Roof is a Happy Roof

It’s all in the title! Dirty roofs covered in debris are not a good thing nor are they always the most beautiful sight to gaze at. Going up on your roof on a dry day (to prevent slipping and falling) by using an extendable ladder you can clear debris off of your roof such as; branches or leaves, and keep your roof clean and happy!

3. Gutters

Clean gutters contribute to a well-maintained roof. Using thick gloves or rubber gloves you can quickly clear away large debris from gutters. After removing the majority of the large debris, gutters can be rinsed with a hose or scrubbed to clean any mold or smaller debris. By cleaning your gutters and keeping them cleared, this allows for water to properly and adequately drain from your roof. Remember not to lean on your gutters as they may not be the most sturdy objects!

If you have any more specific questions about general maintenance be sure to drop them in the comments!

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