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Flashing… Please Leave Your Clothes On!

Alright, what is flashing in the context of roofing and home improvement? Essentially, flashing is layered waterproof material that enables homeowners to keep water from getting in to places where it does not belong. Without flashing there is no protectant layer to protect connected parts of the deck, house and roof joints from water damage. Typically, flashing is made out of aluminum or galvanized steel.

Flashing can be seen on roofs in valleys, around skylights and certain windows, and around chimney structures. Roofers will either cut sheets of metal to form their own flashing pieces, or order pieces of flashing that have already been cut and made. Having flashing is important because it channels the flow of water from rain away from the roof and deck, thus preventing water from getting in and causing damage.

Problems with flashing can oftentimes be easily and quickly patched up and do not require a complete replacement of a roof.

Let us know any question you may have about the flashing on your roof! Contact us at Mills Roofing of Fredericksburg

for a free roof replacement estimate!

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