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FAQ’s About a New Roof

1) I got a few different estimates to replace my roof. Why do the prices vary so much?

If one price is significantly cheaper than all of the others, be cautious. Extremely low prices can be indicative of a storm-chaser, which are basically roofers who show up and do cheap fast work and then leave never to be heard from again. Often times these roofers are not insured either, which can cost you more, as well.

2) How long will my new roof last?

Typically, a new roof using asphalt shingles will last 10-28 years. Roofs that have been installed properly using metal and slate can last more than 100 years.

3) Can I just replace my own roof?

It is not recommended that you place your own roof, mostly for your safety. Roofing contractors are trained to handle different roofing conditions and safety on a roof. They also know how to install a roof quickly and efficiently with the least possible amount of errors, saving you money in the long run.

4) How can I tell or know for sure that I need a new roof?

A good way to tell is to take a look at your roof. Are shingles curling? Are a lot of tabs missing? Is there a significant amount of granule loss? If you see any of these, it is more than probable that your roof is due to be replaced.

5) Will I need to replace my gutters as well?

Great news! As long as your gutters are in good shape, they do not need to replaced.

6) How long will the actual installation of my new roof take?

Installation time is largely based on house size and the type of roof. Average installation of a new roof will range from 1-3 days.

7) Is there anything that I should do before the roofers begin?

A huge help and great precautionary measure is to move any objects away from the roof that may be damaged or in the way (e.g. grills, bikes, cars etc.).

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