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DIY Holiday Light Hanging Tips

1. Test Your Lights

Even if they are brand new, test them! Make sure they work before you hang them up, and to your dismay find out that they do not work. This quick and easy tip could save you a lot of time in the long run.

2. Use Caution

Make sure to use a good steady ladder when hanging lights. Also, be aware of not hanging your lights on trees or poles that intersect with power lines.

3. Power Outlet

When plugging in your lights to the power source, make sure to plug them in to an outlet from the ground. Plugging them in to this type of outlet will ensure that the lights will be shut down if there is any type of over current that could cause sparks or a fire.

4. Type of Lights

When hanging outdoor lights, make sure to purchase and use lights made to be outside. These lights are waterproof and marked UL, which means that they are up to the national standard and rated for outdoor usage.

5. How to Hang Lights

Different types of clips and poles are created for the various ways that you may choose to hang your lights. For hanging lights on rails and decks there are deck clips. If you want to hang your lights on your gutters, then there are all-purpose light clips. When hanging lights on trees you can use a light pole to assist in hanging the lights.


If you want to minimize costs, then minimize your bulb size. Using miniature bulbs will help to save money during the holiday season of having your lights hung.

Happy decorating and an early Merry Christmas from the Mills Roofing team of Fredericksburg, Virginia!

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