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Algae Happens... But Why on Roofs?

Algae Stains

“Ew, gross! Is that mold on my roof?!” Okay, so algae can be kind of gross and mistaken for mold. Thankfully those nasty looking streaks on one’s roof are algae rather than mold but right now you may be wondering how algae even gets on one’s roof. Let’s address that first.

  1. Algae Formation

Often, when we think of algae we think of the water that algae needs to be submersed in to survive. Algae does not always need water to survive because when it exists in a colony it is not a single celled algae and is thus able to develop a protective covering. This protective covering allows the algae to thrive.

2.Algae Effects on Roof

Fortunately algae will not cause any significant damage such as causing your roof to collapse in. However, the algae can take a toll on the resale value of your home. Aesthetics are one of the keys to reselling a house. Houses must look like homes in order for people to want to buy them.

3.Avoiding Algae

How do we clean off the algae or avoid algae altogether? Here is the deal- you can power wash and clean the algae off of your roof but since we live in a humid and high algae growth area it will grow back after the roof is cleaned and you have invested all of that money into cleaning. The other con to cleaning off the algae is that it can actually decrease the lifetime of your shingles and roof. To avoid algae the best thing to do is to be proactive. A preemptive approach of avoiding algae consist of investing in algae resistant shingles. At Mills Roofing, we are  Platinum Certified with Atlas Roofing Corporation in replacing roofs with these algae resistant shingles. Atlas manufactures Pinnacle Pristine shingles and Storm Master with 3M Scotchguard shingles which are guaranteed not to develop black streaks due to algae growth.

Check out the Mills Roofing Facebook page for videos about being a Platinum certified roofer and for pictures of algae resistant roofs that we have done, and make sure to give us a like while you are there. You can also check out the Atlas Roof Visualizer on our website to get a look at the difference in between other brands and Atlas.

Have more questions about algae on your roof or looking for a roof replacement? Let us know in the comments below or give the original Mills Roofing of Fredericksburg a call!

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