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3 Roof Myths BUSTED

As with anything there are commonly misunderstood facts or misconceptions. Here are 3 popular Roof myths that we will lay to rest.

1. Hiring the cheaper roofer doesn’t always save the most money.

Sure, the initial pricing is less expensive than other roofers, but is the quality of work the same? Look out for storm chasers and companies who cut corners. It could end up costing you a LOT more in the long run… as in having to get another whole new roof.

2. Metal roofs are just for looks.

It’s no lie. Metal roofs do look great. But they also come with a lot of benefits. They truly last a lifetime (when installed properly). Metal roofs are more energy efficient, as well, which is quite cost effective in the long-run. If you’re looking for an economical roof that also looks great, a metal roof may be the roof for you.

3. You Don’t have to completely strip your old roof.

It seems easier to just put a new layer on top of the old one, right? But, in all reality, the wooden layer underneath of the shingles must be inspected for underlying problems (such as wood with too much moisture that could create mold and become a bigger issue).

If you want a metal roof installed properly or to have your roof replaced the right way, give Mills Roofing a call at (540)-371-6187.

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